It has taken many years of hard work and research into hair loss to get to where we are today. Until recently, hair transplant procedures have not always been too successful. Older hair loss treatment has caused scarring and patients were disappointed because their new hair did not look natural. But times have changed and FUE Hair Clinics© have led the way with our four advanced hair loss methods in the market today:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, which has the speediest recovery time and will leave you with no linear scarring, due to the follicles being extracted individually.
  • Follicular Strip Extraction (FSE), which is the fastest extraction method and produces the maximum possible quantity of follicles in one session, due to a Strip of follicles being extracted, instead of a lot individual ones. This is an advanced technique of the one known as FUT or Strip.
  • Follicular Unit Implantation (FUI), which produces the most natural hairlines, matching your age and face features, since each follicle is been implanted individually and at an angle which mimics the one of your hair.
  • Hair microPigmentation Treatment (HPT®), which offers an alternative solution for people who either cannot have a hair transplant (due to lack of donor hair) or want to cover a diffuse area of thinning hair.

During a Hair Transplant procedure, the follicles are extracted (either individually or as a Strip of follicles) from the lower- and mid-portion of the back of the head, because that area will be the last to be affected from the ‘killer’ hormone DiHydroTestosterone (DHT) and thus will stay the longest on your head, ensuring a permanent result.

Since local anaesthetic is constantly used during extraction and implantation, the hair transplant procedure is pain-free (always depending on someone’s sensitivity). 

Client after client has left our clinic feeling on top of the world – they have told us, they are more self-confident, happier and eternally grateful for the results we have created for them.

We have provided safe and effective, painless treatments to stop hair loss from affecting their self-esteem and have helped to improve their lives.

Unlike many other hair loss clinics, we are so confident with our methods, that our surgeons and consultants have had hair transplant procedures themselves. When you visit us you can judge for yourself the end result, since you will be seen by a consultant who already had a hair transplant. 

Also, why not take a look at the fantastic results in our Gallery

Clients who have had Hair Transplants with us look up to 10 years younger. 

How many years will it take off you?